Questions or concerns before booking?

I'm a beginner/very new to this, will you be able to guide me with poses?

Of course! I will always do my best to make you feel comfortable & guide you in what poses will best compliment your figure and present what you're looking to achieve.

What all is included in each of your photo packages?

Each photo package is designed differently. What is always included is my travel cost to you, photo editing, color re-touching & lifetime access to your photos. 

Do you have a studio?

At the moment, I do not, Though I do offer assistance in booking a space/hotel if you prefer, for an added fee. It would be the cost of the room + a small convenience fee

Will these be published, or posted anywhere public?

I do not publish these photos anywhere. At most they will be posted on my website/portfolio for other's to view, but I will always take your discretion in advance and either blur, or block out your face if you request it. 

Is it required to be fully nude for these photos?

It is not required at all! Some people have done their whole shoot in just lingerie or covered in sheets! Give me an idea of what you're hoping to achieve in your photos and we can make it happen, clothing or not!

Do you strictly only work with SW/Companions? 

Though I mostly have, I don't exclude myself to just companions. If you're looking to get some photos done for your SO or just for fun to celebrate your body, whatever the reason may be, I will work with you! :]

Am I allowed to bring a friend for moral support?

I usually don't allow a third party, just because I don't want to risk spoilers(i.e. friend takes photos of what is being shot etc), though if it will make you feel more comfortable you can. If at any point I feel that the third party is being disruptive or rude, I will ask them to leave.

What If I've made my deposit & I suddenly need to cancel?

My cancellation policy is as follows: 

Clients who cancel once a date has been set, must surrender their 50% deposit as their cancellation fee. We can postpone your shoot for a later time & I can offer you a one-time discounted fee for your shoot. Meaning we can schedule it for a date that is more convenient & you would only owe the remaining balance of your fee. A refund is only possible if I, your photographer, have to cancel the shoot.

I'm a low-income companion, do you offer a sliding pay scale?

Yes, I do offer specials from time to time, you can either check my twitter ( or reach out to me & ask about them.

Once the deposit is made & the date is set, is there anything else I need to do?

After we have everything set, the date, the time, the theme, etc, I will email you a model release. This will just secure our date and the rights to your photos once they are sent to you. The day after the shoot you will receive the best of the batch & inform me of which ones make the final cut. There is a one week turn around after said shoot, which you will receive via Wetransfer.

Will I have fun?

Is that even a question? Of course you will! As I said, even if you're just doing this for fun, a loved one, for whatever reason, you will have fun in this experience. Who doesn't like getting their photo taken? :]

Rates + Packages 

Basic Portfolio | $400

For this package you get 2 hours of shooting, unlimited outfit changes, photo editing/retouching, the cost of me traveling to you & lifetime access. You will receive 10 final images

Advanced Portfolio | $600

For this package you get 4 hours of shooting, unlimited outfit changes, photo editing/retouching, the cost of me traveling to you & lifetime access. You will receive 15 final images

Deluxe Portfolio | $800

For this package you get 8 hours of shooting, unlimited outfit changes, photo editing/retouching, the cost of me traveling to you & lifetime access. You will receive 20 final images

Buy RAW files   | $1,000

One flat rate. RAW files are images that are un-edited. With this option you can purchase ALL of your photos from your shoot & still keep the rights to them.

MUA/Hairstylist  |  $120 

Want to look your best but don't have a clue how to do makeup? I'm connected to many talented MUA's & hairstylists all over Atlanta. This rate is for whichever time package you book for.

Added shooting    | $100

per hour

Added Images       | $20

Per image

Gif/Moving Image | $30

Per gif

| Please know there is a 50% deposit that must be paid to hold your date |

When you're ready to book your photoshoot, or if you just have general questions, send an email my way!

[email protected]

I look forward to working with you!

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